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About Us

How it started:

Mike and Shawn first met 4 years ago at a gym they both were personal training at. Even though, at the time, they were training their own clients, they quickly realized how a partnership was in the making. Naturally, they both grew to the point of branching out and starting their own gym together. The first location was a small studio in which they maximized it's potential within a year. This led them to the creation of The Floral Park Fitness Studio. Mike and Shawn have created a place that is full of fun, dedicating and hard-working individuals that are focused on providing the results to each client or member that walks through their doors. Fitness is a life long journey. Mike and Shawn have provided a place that people feel comfortable to bring their family and friends to, so that everyone can get healthier together.  

Our Mission:

No goal is too small. Our mission is to work collectively with our clients to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle. We look forward to many more years of working with our clients. 

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